2013 Pebble Beach Concours Preview

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Featured Marques and Special Classes

• Lincoln Custom Coachwork
•Vanvooren Coachwork
• Simplex
• Aston Martin Centennial
• Lamborghini
• Porsche 911
• BMW 507
• French Motorcycles

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Class Descriptions

A Antique

B Simplex

C-1 American Classic Open

C-2 American Classic Closed

D-1 Lincoln Custom Coachwork—Early

D-1 Lincoln Custom Coachwork—Late

E Aston Martin Centennial

F Vanvooren Coachwork

G Duesenberg

H Rolls-Royce

I Mercedes-Benz

J European Classic

L-1 Prewar Preservation

L-2 Postwar Preservation

M-1 Ferrari Grand Touring

M-2 Ferrari Competition

N Lamborghini

O-1 Postwar Sports Racing

O-2 Postwar Touring

P Porsche 911 through 1978

U BMW 507

V Open Wheel Race Cars

X French Motorcycles