The Galloping Pig Car Tour

This coming Saturday: August 16, 2014

Special invite for classic and collector car enthusiasts

Benefitting Dhani Jones’ BowTie Cause


Wilshire Farm
6065 Goshen Rd
Goshen, OH 45122

Saturday August 16, 2014
Arrive between 11:30 and 12:45
Match begins at 1pm, ends about 4:30

General admission – $15
VIP (incl. buffet & refreshments) – $100
Car tour participants can register online to save 20% by using discount code: CNCPonyRide

Driving options:
This is an informal tour.  Participants can meet at the weekly Coffee & Cars gathering at Fuel Coffee, obtain the back roads route instructions, then depart in small groups or individually for a 1-hour drive to the event.

Fuel Coffee
2726 Riverside Dr (Eastern Ave)
Cincinnati 45202

Or you can take your own route and meet up with the others at the event.

View and print The Galloping Pig Car Tour Route

View and print PDF of this page.

Parking options:
Tour participants can park near the VIP tent for the entire match or on the sideline closest to the road if you must leave early.

Tour sponsors:
Fuel Coffee and

Phone or text to: 513-722-5579

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